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Venus Classic Hall

Classic Hall Featured

Majestic Roman Corinthian columns soar up to the high ceilings of our Classic ballroom, accentuating the majestic chandeliers and setting a tone of traditional elegance enjoyed by people of all ages. The classic theme continues with arched palladium-style windows. During daytime events, the windows take in the warmth of natural, glowing daylight. During evening occasions, they showcase the lovely balcony/patio area lushly decorated with trees and plants.

Custom Lighting

The Classic Hall can change moods easily to suit your special occasion. Ambient lighting throughout the ballroom sets a comfortable, subdued tone. But if your celebration calls for a real party mood with plenty of dancing, we’ve got you covered, too.

With the flick of a switch, the ballroom transforms into a nightclub atmosphere with a state-of-the-art LED light show. The awesome system is an elevated 360-degree, lighting extravaganza. You can even choose your preferred array of lighting colors. Wait until you see the lighted trees and the impressive DJ/stage area!


Extensive Catering Packages

Venus Banquet Hall offers the most extensive selections of foods in our 4 catering packages of any event hall. With a menu of nearly 100 perfectly prepared selections of ethnically diverse foods, you don’t have to stay with a single ethnic theme. You can choose to give your guests a taste of several cuisines such as an Armenian Cheese Beoreg appetizer, a Mexican Quesadilla side dish, Chinese Chicken Salad, and Beef Lula Kabob entrée—just one of many options.

“We are very proud of the exceptional quality and ethnic diversity of the foods we prepare for our events. If you like, your guests can enjoy true “world cuisine” when you choose a mix of favorite dishes from Armenia, Mexico, China, and other countries for your catering package. Your choice…it’s all delicious!”
– Eddie B., Owner, Venus Banquet Hall

Included With The Hall

  • Fully Catered 14 – Course Plated Menu served unlimited on table decorated and family style
  • Setting of China, Glassware, Silverware
  • Linen Color of Your Choice (Table Cloths/ Overlays/ Napkins)
  • Professional Waiter Service
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks
  • LED Lights and Dance Floor
  • Red carpet
  • Hall Rental
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Post Party set up and Cleaning
  • No Cake Cutting Fee, No Corkage Fee
  • Bar Table BYO (allowed to bring Your Own Alcohol)
  • Ice
  • Security Guard